Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year! Re

Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year! Returning students, we’re glad you’re back! Transfer students; hope you’re loving UTC already. First Time Freshman- welcome to college! You’re in for a wild ride. College can be a life changing experience. Ideas held before now will be expanded or challenge. You may fall down, but hopefully you’ll find the support you need to pick yourself back up. I hope the next four years help you understand more about yourself and you develop the skills and confidence to make positive waves in the “real” world.


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What should I bring first day of class?

You’re all moved into your dorm. You’ve met some friends and made it through Welcome Week. Now here comes the moment we’ve all be waiting for: the first day of class! This is a big day; it’s kicking off your college career. You’re making a first impression on your professors and you want them to take you seriously while not thinking you’re trying too hard, right? Well, what do you need to do to be prepared?

Here are a few pointers!

The night before pack a bag and include the following:

  1. Some pens (pencils are soo high school)
  2. A binder or folder to store the syllabi your professors may hand out. While most profs hand out hard copies of the course syllabus, some post syllabi online and either don’t distribute paper syllabi or give out updated copies.
  3. Some loose leaf paper or a notebook. Why you ask? It’s true, some professors start lecturing on the first day of class.
  4. Your agenda. It’s a good idea to start copying important due dates that are listed on your syllabus or are mentioned in class. These dates may not be repeated too often after the first day of class; you’ll just be responsible for knowing them.
  5. A printed copy of your schedule and a campus map so you know where to be and when! Maps are handed out for free in just about every office on campus.
  6. Bring some water and/or a snack to keep that pep in your step! Tip: coffee is sold in the Bookstore and in two Java City locations in the UC and Fletcher.

Of course, make sure to get some solid sleep so you feel (and look) energized!

Day of:

  1. Try to arrive to your class location 10 minutes early. 2 reasons for this: sometimes class locations are changed at the last minute or some classrooms may be more difficult to find than others. (Warning: the EMCS building has an east building and a west building and your classroom could be in either of those.)
  2. If you have classes back to back in different buildings, visit the classrooms that will hold your second and/or third class before heading to your first class. That way you won’t get lost when you’re rushed later in the day and you can make a plan for the quickest route from class A to B.
  3. Be prepared to start taking notes and doing work. Some professors just cover the syllabus and lead “get to know you” activities. But again, some start lecturing!

Y’all are going to kick some collegiate booty this semester, I can feel it! Good luck tomorrow!

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Let’s get started

I’m Lisa-Michelle, advisor for First Year students majoring in the social sciences. I’m starting this blog because I love student success. I love seeing others push through challenges, being ignited by those challenges and achieving. Through this blog I hope to explore strategies and practices to help us understand how we can individually be the best students possible. Please feel free to share your ideas and opinions so readers may get the best information possible. I’ve only been out of school for a few years, so I still have a few student success tips up my sleeve. But you all are current, so you’re thoughts and tips are invaluable!

 I look forward to this journey with you!

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give a man a fi…

give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime — Lao Tzu (Laozi)

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July 31, 2013 · 2:12 pm